Monday, January 16, 2017

Holiday Race Reports & Legends 5K Race Giveaway

The first couple weeks of January have flown by with vacation and travel for work. I was able to spend a couple of weeks in Florida and run in the sunshine and on the beach. Prior to vacation I did get in a couple of short races to end the year.

post race with santa!
The first race was the inaugural Spirit of the Season 5K in North Canton. I really had no expectations for the race but to get in speed work. It was a cross country style course that went around a high school and included asphalt, cement and gravel and there were a couple of good hills for extra fun. The whole time I felt like I was dying since this was the first faster effort I had run in quite some time. Although it wasn't my best effort I ended up running a 21:50, which was good enough to win the female race. For winning I received a free entry for the Hall of Fame Marathon's Legend's 5K race. Since I will be racing the marathon the next day I will not race the 5k the day before. I am giving away my entry. Simply leave a comment below letting me know that you want to run the race, which will be on Saturday, April 29 and I will randomly select a winner early next week.

love the medal!
The next race was the Frosty 5 Miler on Christmas Eve in Hudson. We had done this race last year and had a good time and it's a nice little tradition to kick off the holiday with a race. I felt better during this race than I did during the 5K, which is progress. My pace was about the same too. I just missed breaking 35 with my 35:02 (7:00) pace. I was happy with the age group win and rewarded myself with a tasty Christmas eve beer for the hard work.

I don't have anything officially planned now until the HOF marathon although I am debating some races in Jan-April depending on my schedule and how I feel.


  1. I would like to enter the race giveaway!

  2. Sounds like a good couple of races for you! So jealous of your time in FL... next time I'm coming with you!

  3. I would like to enter! I should be good by then! :)

  4. Thanks everyone sorry for the delay in posting this. Emily you were selected for the entry via I will message you the code to sign up!